Diy halloween costumes for kids – girls and boys

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Make your kids crazy about a Halloween! They want to have something extraordinary so follow our ideas and you won’t be disappointed! You can create a costume yourself but accessories are not so easy, better to buy them at our site. Open this topic and look at masks and wigs or other things, they are not expensive and you can combine them with different costumes.

Diy halloween costumes for teens

Girls and boys of teen age have some school rules about clothes but they also want to celebrate Halloween. Here you can see some ideas of diy teen halloween costumes which to wear for an event. Harry Potter is great but maybe you want something breathtaking. Do you have a black-and-white striped dress? That means you can easily become a Cat burglar! Use a mask and ears, gloves and a bag for money (candies are already left in your childhood). Have you seen Sesame street? So it is easy to make their copies and ask your friends to join you.

Diy college halloween costumes

Great looks for girls and boys from college:
  • Firefighter (become a hero and rescue your group mates);
  • Forest Fairy (can be with everything you have in a wardrobe, just add a wig or a crown);
  • Ninja Turtles (they can change their clothes but still green color and become students);
  • Football players (especially great for girls with T-shirts and numbers on it, stockings and trainers).
All teenage costumes you can create from your clothes by adding details and accessories which you can buy here.

Diy halloween costumes for tweens

Cute tweens usually want the same costumes for a Halloween but we can suggest you one theme but different products. Even clowns can be in a dress or in an overall; flowers like in the garden are so bright and unique. If you choose fruit you can be a Banana and an Orange, Hot dog and Bacon. A Knight an a Princess is also a good pair for tweens. All these costumes are available at our resource.

Diy halloween costumes for girls

Very cute diy toddler halloween costumes are simple but sweeter than Halloween candies. And if you have a pet make a gift for them – dress them up for a party! Minion costume needs a yellow shirt or jumper with jeans overall and a hat with print. Give your kid power – a small Viking can defend you and destroy enemy’s plans. Frozen is still very popular why not to make a snowman and Olaf? Use your imagination and white dress, don’t forget about carrot nose. Great pineapple costume for your small princess – striped leggings and a yellow poncho with black ticks. Add a yellow hat with green tail. Some ideas for small girls:
  • I love Lucy (a dark blue dress with dots, a hairdo in that style, necklace and apron and of course cute socks);
  • Audrey Hepburn (a black dress with black long gloves, two necklaces and black glasses, a shiny diadem finishes this look);
  • A Black Cat (everything black even tights and shoes, add ears and a tail, draw whiskers and a nose).
If you are looking for creative quick and easy homemade halloween costumes for teenage girls you can follow some ideas here. Do you still like dolls? Wind Up Key can be your special costume. Gumball machine costume – it is easy to make and others will have 25 or 50 cents to put and get a gum. Funny and amazing. Medusa costume is for brave girls because you need some snakes fortunately artificial. Create a hairdo with those awful animals on it and everyone will pay attention.

Diy halloween costumes for boys

    Look at some diy halloween costumes for guys, we suggest a scuba diver for your son. Black clothes and mask, special shoes in addition and you are ready to dive! The Man in the yellow hat looks like banana but carrying a curious monkey. Harry Potter is always a good costume, even for a small boy. Use round glasses with a striped scarf and a vest to create this look for a Halloween. Boys look nice in Spiderman or Superman costumes, Batman and Captain America are also great.