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What was the most popular look in 2017? Of course- IT costume! After the new release directed by Andres Muschietti of the famous Stephen King novel - It, almost everyone all around the world wanted to transform into the most evil clown of modernity on the night of Halloween.аIf you like to be in the center of attention, always follow the novelties and trends, then Pennywise costume is what you need this Halloween night. The most famous evil clown in the world has its distinctive features: bright makeup and clothes that will make your holiday unforgettable.

Stephen King "It" costumes are the hottest Halloween trend this year

Stephen King "It" costumes are the hottest Halloween trend this year. It or Pennywise, is the main antagonist of the popular Stephen King novel. This is an evil alien creature that can change its appearance, and which is millions of years old. It came to Earth from outer space. He liked to accept the look of a sarcastic clown named Penny. It can also turn into loved ones of its victims, or into their fears and nightmares. It prefers children, because they are easier to manipulate, they are quickly frightened, and they are easier to catch and kill. According to the creature, frightened flesh is much tastier. This movie teaches us one important rule: try not to be afraid of anything in this life and no one, because there will always be someone who can take advantage of your fears. So, we suggest you to borrow Penny power- the ability to reincarnate and transform into this hero next Halloween party.

On this page you will find Pennywise it movie costume. The first movie adaption of the novel was in 1990, the clown was dressed in a bright yellow jumpsuit with a lush jabot and variegated sleeves. His whitened face was complemented by a red mouth and nose, a red wig on his head. For supporters of classical history, we have a suitable it pennywise costume. Penny version of the 2017 looks more impressive. Now when you see Pennywise outfit, it really looks like a serial killer clown. The suit and especially a sarcastic smile on the mask are shouting about the fact that you need to stay away from such a clown.

Maybe you have the desire and enough fantasy to make the costume of a famous clown by yourself, then you can use only a mask. In our online stores there are several types of Pennywise masks: new and older versions. They are of a very high quality, made from latex and look so realistic. If you donТt like wearing masks you can also make a clown Halloween make. There are many videos with an example of such make-up, so it should not be difficult, and all the necessary products you can buy in our make-up section. So check out our collection of it the clown costumes for Halloween, complete your look with accessories and here you are a famous evil clown!

Pennywise outfit video review

To help you with the choice of your Halloween outfit we prepared a video review of it clown suit. So you can see how the suit looks in reality and have a more accurate idea of it. The video presents 2 versions of this suit: the classic one after the 1990 movie and the new one after sensational 2017 adaptation of the famous story It.

Pennywise Halloween costume your is the best choice!

What is Pennywise the clown? It is also known under the all-knowing Dancing Clown Pennywise - the main antagonist of Stephen King's novel "It". In the novel, the clown is a mighty and ancient creature that has come from outside of our universe. It awakens every 27 years to hunt the children of the fictional town of Derry.

It is the "It" itself - a certain metaphysical entity, living simultaneously both in its inaccessible world for people, and in this, where It is fed by fear and children.

аIf you want to feel yourself in the role of the most famous evil clown of our time, scroll through this page and choose the Pennywise suit you like. You definitely can not stay unnoticed at the Halloween party, birthday party or any other thematic party!

Clowns are among the mystical characters and protagonists of horror films. It was not always so. The character that gave rise to the phobia of children and adults in funny circus performers was the terrible clown invented by Stephen King. Since the publication of the novel "It", not every spectator quietly visits the performances of comedians, on whose faces the bright make-up flaunts. The film tells about a group of children who must resist the absolute evil that took the form of a clown. According to the story of the eponymous book "It", the actions take place in 1958, but the events in the film take us back to 1989. This is a story about friendship, about the importance of confronting your fears, and about the fact that good necessarily defeats evil. And, it would not have been Stephen King, if the personification of evil in "It" was just an ominous clown Penny. The main force is the ability to transform into anything, thereby accepting the image of what the current victim is afraid of, be it an animal or something more ugly and bizarre. Increasing fear, he pursues his prey to death, and then eats it. He also has the ability to influence memory and manipulate the body, hiding and erasing knowledge of past events that would reveal his presence and the kingdom of death; in particular, it is well disguised from adults.

Stephen King Pennywise costume for sale

Pennywise the Clown Halloween costume

Penny wise clown became the most famous element of the Steven King's works and is considered one of the most terrible clowns in popular culture. Pennywise clown costumes for the today are some of the most popular for Halloween. Do not stay away, in our online store you will find Pennywise clothing for men and women, including a new adaptation of the movie "It".

As soon as the image of Penny wise the clown appeared in the novel, he immediately gained great popularity and remained forever in the memory of readers. After the adaptation of this novel, the hype around this character has increased even more. In 2017 hot topic pennywise was everywhere. So if you are thinking over what image to choose for a party, a penny is a great option!


On this page weТve put together all pennywise the clown outfits for adults for your comfortable shopping. You can choose between penny wise costume from the 1990 first movie and the new 2017 adaptation. These suits differ significantly. The old penny looks really like a typical clown, wears a bright overall with pompoms, and has bright makeup and red wig. In the case of the new version, his outfit reminds even more of a harlequin or an old doll. Every detail of Pennywise suit means something both ancient and unconventional. "There is a doll thing in this suit," says Janey Bryant, costumer designer "short pants, an overstated waist line, and planting a suit in itself is a very important element." All this brings the character closer to the child. "


So, look at these costume ideas and choose your Pennywise dress for the Halloween party. Become the most famous evil clown ever! It will be your best Halloween look. Take care of your friends and suggest them to be Pennywise too, you will have an It team! Just imagine how fun is that! You can even make a contest for the best IT costume. Our store will provide you with every important detail from costume to makeup to win this contest! DonТt forget to take photos and post them on social medias, likes are guaranteed!

Choose IT costume to be Pennywise on this Halloween

Choose IT costume to be Pennywise on this Halloween. Surely, you will be the hit of any party. ItТs a win-win choice for Halloween look, because what could be better for the scariest night of the year than an evil terrible clown who feeds on children and keeps in fear the whole city. As good as it gets! If you havenТt seen the movie, we propose to watch it on the eve of the holiday that would help you get used to the role of the chosen character. Look carefully at the manners of the actor, his tricks and chips. DonТt forget that the second name of the Pennywise is the Dancing clown, because the character often dances to music, so be ready dance all the night! Enjoy your Halloween!

ITаHalloween Costume and Pennywise Mask

  • IT costume for Halloween
  • IT movie clown costume and Pennywise Mask

On the left is our version of the IT clown costume, but if you have the desire and enough fantasy to make the costume of a famous clown yourself, you can use only a mask! So, if you want a ready look, then choose Pennywise The Dancing Clown Costume, and if you have plans to experiment and come up with your own costume then, Pennywise Overhead Mask will come in handy.

Here we also offer you 2 options: to buy the whole look like IT Pennywise the Clown Costumeаor think of how to make a clown costume with your own hands, but then you will need ourаPennywise The Clown Mask. Choose what you prefer, but we guarantee that the suit of the scary IT clown of Pennywise will make you a star of any evening.

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