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Transformers Costumes

Tranformers Costumes For Kids and Adults, Accessories

Transformers is a fiction film, based on the cartoon of the same name. The film takes place in the future where there is a war between the Autobots and Decepticons. Transformers Costumes for children - these are the most popular Halloween costumes among boys. Here you can buy Bumblbee costume and Optimus Prime costume for kids of all ages. For adults, we have expensive, high-quality Bumblbee costume and Optimus Prime Costume. Transformers costumes for adults are perfect for theme parties and other events.

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Transformer Halloween Costume

Transformer Halloween Costume

For several centuries, two races of robotic aliens - the Autobots and the Decepticons - waged a war from which the fate of Universe depended. And now the war has come to Earth. The evil forces are in the search for the key to the "supreme authority", but the chance of salvation lies in the hands of the young inhabitant of the Earth. The only thing that stands between the evil Decepticons and carrying "Higher Power" - is the key that is in the hands of a simple kid. Normal teenager Sam Uitvikki whom interests are - school, friends, cars, the girl, hedoes not know that it is humanity's last chance for salvation. Sam with his girlfriend Michaela gets involved in a confrontation Autobots and Decepticons.

Let's have a Transformers styled party! Choose Transform costumes for you and your friends! The choice is huge! We will help you to choose Optimus costume, Bumblebee costume, Iron Transformer or someone else! We offer you a huge selection of costumes for every taste and color! So stock up a good mood and go fighting with robots, aliens !.

Choose your transformer outfit for Halloween!

  • Why are we fighting to save humans? They're a primiteve and vilent race.
    Bumble Bee Costum

    Bumble Bee Costume

    Bumblebee - is a Transformer from the camp Autobots. The case - yellow with black, optical sensors - blue. Bumblebee is one of the "small" Transformers, but clever and cunning, so its main role - espionage. Bumblebee has a sharp vision, efficient energy and fuel consumption, he is capable of moving in the water and under the water in the form of alt. Try on Transformers Bumblbee Adult Costume. Give your children an exciting and unforgettable holiday!
  • Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing.
    Optimus Prime Costume

    Optimus Prime Costume

    Optimus Prime is the oldest representative of Transformers , his main goal - the keeping of peace and life in the universe. He fights to protect the weak and those whose liberty is at risk, but at the same time he is not able to strike a blow in the back, even to his worst enemy. Optimus is trying to improve the world around us, as far as possible without resorting to violence, but, if necessary, he is ready to fight for a cause. Almost in every serie of Transformers Optimus Prime dies, but he will definitely back to life, with an even more powerful than before. Robots have always been be fascinating, interesting and favorite toys for males of all ages. Choose our Transformers Optimus Prime Adult Costume. Become the real hero for everyone!.

Transformer cotumes for adults and kids

Transformer cotumes for adults and kids

You want to have fun with the whole family? We can offer options for combinations of Transformer costumes, which are presented in our online store in kids and adult sizes. Surprise everyone at the Halloween party with our Transformer costumes.

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