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Scream Costumes

Scream Halloween Costumes and Masks

If you are a fan of the American horror movie "Scream", this section is for you.This scary costume with horror mask is the perfect costume for Halloween or other theme parties. Scream costume is can for both men and women. Famous Scream mask will terrify all your guests. Knife with fake blood will perfectly complete your costume.

Watch the official traile of the movie Scream


Scream Halloween Costume

Scream Halloween Costume


Casey Becker is studying at a high school in Woodsboro. One evening, Casey was alone at home and was waiting for her boyfriend Steve Orth.There was a phone call and on the other end of the wire was a stranger, who soon begins to threaten the life of Casey. Because Casey was wrong in answering the question about the movie "Friday -13" Steve was killed, then the assassin attacked Casey and killed her with a knife.

The next day, after Casey was killed, another schoolgirl from Woodsboro, Sidney Prescott, also received a threatening call from a stranger, and was soon attacked. Sidney could close her room, and through the window her friend Billy Loomis could make her way. Then Billy was arrested because Sidney thinks Billy is the attacker. Sydney spent the night at the house of Riley Tatum his girlfriend, the stranger called and ironically said that "Billy did not deserve to be behind bars."  Soon Billy was released, but because of events in the city the high school in Woodsboro was closed...What happened next, you would know after watching the movie.

Among the great variety of bright looks and costumes, the costumes from the movie Scream are very popular.  On this page you will find all the Scream costumes and masks we have. We have a wide range of products such as: Scream costume for men, Scream costume for women and even a scream costume for child. The choice is yours, your outfit will make an indelible impression on everyone, for sure. 

Choose your Scream costume

  • This is life. This isn't a movie!
    Scream Queens Costume

    Scream Queens Costume

    Dark Ghost Adult Costume is a great female Halloween look. The costume will help you look elegant, and if you want to be still unrecognizable, then the Scream mask will help you. Scary your friends!
  • Movies don't creat psychos. Movies make psychos more creative

    Scream Outfit

    Scream Adult Costume will help you to terrify all your friends and neighbours more than the stranger from the movie. This is a great choice for your Halloween costume.  

Halloween Costumes Scream for the family

Halloween Costumes Scream for the family


Prepare for Halloween? You did it right that you looked into our store, which is ready to offer you a large selection of Halloween costumes. With our collection of Scream costumes you will make a great Halloween outfit. In addition to the familiar male look of a stranger in a mask, you can create the same female or child looks. 

Scream : Halloween Costumes Couple Ideas

  • ghost face costume & kids scream costume

    Ghost face costume & Kids Scream Costume

    Scream Adult Costume и Scary Ghost Child Costume, is a great Halloween costumes couple idea for the dad and son. In such costumes and the appropriate manner of behavior, you can not go unnoticed, and maybe you can even bring to all the guests a real horror. It's time to go the party! 
  • kostyum krika detskij i kostyum krika na halloween

    Scream Costume for Chils & Halloween Costumes Scream

    Zombie Ghost Child Costume and Scary Ghost Adult Costume is a perfect combination! If you are not afraid of horrors and are ready to try on the outfit of the main character of Scream, then these gorgeous costumes will perfectly suit you and your child. Hurry up to the party! 

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