PJ Masks Costumes for Kids of different ages (Infant, Baby, Toddler)

In our online store, you can buy kid's PJ Masks Costumes for boys and girls: blue Catboy’s costume, green Gekko’s costume or red Owlette’s one.

Are you having problems with the choice of carnival costumes for children? Well, you, this is not a problem. We have prepared for your children PJ masks costumes options for combinations of a very popular children's cartoon series PJ mask or masked heroes. Little super rescuers will be able to become and boys and girls. We are sure that all the children who will see your child in the costume of the Hero in masks at the birthday party, will dream of the same suit for himself, and you will enjoy the fact that he was one of the heroes in masks!

PJ Masks costumes for kids video review

Gekko, Catboy, and Owlette in one video! Dress your child like the popular character of the youngest superhero team. The costume includes jumpsuit with detachable tail and soft headpiece. PJ masks suits for kids are available in 2 sizes: S (4-6) and T (3-4).



PJ Masks Halloween Costumes for kids

PJ Masks Halloween Costumes

PJ masks are the animated series about the exciting adventures of unusual preschoolers - Greg, Connor, and Amaya. During the day they are neighbors, classmates, and friends, but as soon as it gets dark guys put on their pajamas and transformed heroes, ready to go save the world. At night, they become Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko. Colourful costumes and masks confer unique abilities friends: Greg can run on the walls and ceiling, like a lizard; Connor becomes nimble and quick as a cat; Amaya perfectly sees in the dark and flying silently as an owl. But with the advent of the first sunlight, they hurry home because their superpowers disappear! Do you want to arrange a children's party with the theme of PJ masks? Choose costumes of the main characters of this fascinating cartoon for the kiddies! Catboy, Owlette and Gekko costumes are waiting for their little owners and ready for the adventure.

Best kid's PJ masks costumes for birthday party or Halloween!

  • Super Cat Speed!
    PJ masks Catboy costume

     Catboy Halloween costume from PJ masks

    Connor / Catboy is a leader of the group, the blue-eyed boy with brown hair. At the time of reincarnation dressed in a blue suit with cat ears and a thin cat's tail. He has the ability to "super hearing", "Super Jump", "Cat's super-speed!" or just "super-speed". Select for your child Catboy Deluxe Costume and good humor of the young superhero and super deeds will not keep you waiting!
  • Super Lizard Grip!
    PJ Masks Gekko Costume

    PJ Masks Gekko Halloween Costume

    Greg / Gekko - the youngest member of the team the green-eyed blond boy. At the time of reincarnation dressed in a green suit with a thick tail reptile crest on top of its head and the suction cups on his hands. He has the ability to "Super Gecko camouflage", "Super muscles Gekko", "Super sucker lizard", "Super-running lizard". If your favorite character is Gekko, we offer Gekko Pj Masks Costume, Your child will have so much fun!
  • Super Owl Wings!
    PJ Masks Owlette Costume

    Owlette Halloween Costume

    Amaya / Owlette- girl with red eyes and a touch of brown hair. At the time of reincarnation dressed in a red suit with a cape, which can harden in the wings. She has the ability to "Owl eyes!" (Or "Super-owl eyes!"), "Super-wings", "Owl wind!". For restless and fidgety girls, we offer Owlette Costume For Children .
  • The amazing Catboy leaps to the rescue!
    Pj masks Costume Catboy

    Pj masks Costume Catboy

    Connor / Catboy - is a small ringleader. At dusk transforms into one of the characters in disguise and becomes Catboy. Costume and mask vest Connor's unique abilities and it becomes nimble and quick as a cat. Help your child develop superpowers with Catboy Costume For Kids. Hurry up to buy your pj masks costume and your Catboy will have his own super power!

Popular PJ Masks Toddler Costume

PJ Masks Toddler Costume

Pj masks clothes for Couple costumes

  • Catboy costume & Owlette costume

    Catboy costume & Owlette costume

    To fight with someone alone is more difficult than together. And here they are, the brother in Catboy Costume and sister in Owlette Costume For Children, together they are ready to fight with the enemies! In these costumes you can save the world and go to pj masks birthday party. Most importantly, your children will be in the center of attention!
  • Owlette & Gekko - PJ masks Costumes

    Owlette & Gekko - PJ masks Costumes

    Arrange your curious kids quest - a pj masks birthday party! You'll see how discreetly the time of flight, but the most important thing you will learn a lot about their baby, which sometimes surprise us - parents with their knowledge and logic. And so the adventure was "real", as in the cartoon characters in masks we offer pj masks clothes: for girls Owlette Costume, and for the boys Gekko Costume! We promise that the party will be just as colorful and memorable as these costumes! And surely, this party will be the first but not the last.
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