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Hulk Costumes

Hulk Costumes For Kids and Adults, Accessories, Masks and Wigs

Hulk is a fiction thriller about a scientist who turns into a green monster when he is angry. Hulk superhero costumes for kids and adults are modern, high-quality, expressive. Hulk mask, gloves, and wig are an excellent addition to the costume. Hulk costume is the perfect choice for Halloween or any other holiday.

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Hulk Halloween Costume

Hulk Halloween Costume

David Banner is a scientist who works to create invulnerable soldiers, who must be capable of regeneration. Because of the ban on carrying out experiments on people, Banner decided to introduce the drug himself. After Banner's son Bruce was born, he finds out that the child could have inherited his altered DNA. David decides to kill his son, who was in his four years old different from the others, but Bruce's mother saved her son, and David was arrested for thirty years.

Bruce does not remember anything about himself, he grew up in another family. His new name is Krenzler. When Bruce grew up he became engaged in genetics at the Berkeley Institute and worked with his ex-girlfriend Betty Ross. They expect that they will be able to achieve rapid cell regeneration by irradiating with a low level of gamma rays introduced into the body of nanomedes. Due to technical problems during the experiment, the dose of gamma radiation is taken by Bruce. Because of what he had to die, however in the hospital Bruce feels great. At this time, the biological father of Bruce appears - David Banner, who offers Bruce his help, but he refuses. In consequence of stress, Bruce turned into the Hulk and destroyed the Laboratory, but he does not remember it.

Bruce is kept under surveillance at a military secret base in the desert, in order to take advantage of the Hulk's abilities as a weapon. However, the Hulk was able to break free and went to San Francisco and only with the help of the daughter of General Ross they managed to calm and arrest Bruce. Due to the fact that the Hulk became uncontrollable, the general thinks about his destruction. Since David was the only relative of Bruce, he was given a date with his son. David tries to get Bruce out of himself and with the help of transformation he manages to take his son from the base to the lake. There he changes his appearance (stone, water) in order to absorb the strength of the Hulk. Bruce decided to stop the battle and gives David his strength, but he not absorb it.

Over time, everyone believes that Bruce died. However, he took refuge in South America, where he lives and works.

Our store is ready to offer you incredibly beautiful and unusual costumes for adults and kids. An excellent addition to the Hulk costume will be accessories, we offer to your look of a green giant Hulk wig, gloves and masks that are designed for kids and adults. The holiday is always a pleasant pastime, and how much it will be bright depends on you. ЗHulk Costume will make your holiday bright and unforgettable! 

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  • When you meet the right woman. She can stop the rage & the pain.
    Incredible Hulk Costume

    Incredible Hulk Costume

    Hulk is a scientist Bruce Banner, who became a victim of his own development and later turns into a green monster. Hulk is incredibly strong and despite its huge size, he runs very fast. The harder Hulk gets angry, the more his ability shows up. Hulk is able to do without air, food, water, sleep, and not breathe under water. Well, you are ready to turn into such a "hulk", we will gladly help you in this by giving you Avengers The Age of Ultron Hulk Costume. You just imagine how they will meet the Hulk around. Do not even doubt, this should be looked at.
  • You won't like me, when I'm angry!
    Hulk Dress up

    Hulk Dress up

    Bruce Banner - who is considered the Hulk as one of the greatest minds on Earth. He is an expert at the same time in several fields: biology, chemistry, engineering and physiology, he has a doctorate in nuclear physics. Thanks to his intelligence, the Hulk has a mathematical notion of the world, thanks to which, the Hulk always calculates his actions and as a consequence, no one has suffered from his actions. However, the main ability of the Hulk is still his strength. In anger all his abilities sharply increase, and the upper limit for rage and strength he does not. Give your child the opportunity to become like this unusual hero. Hulk Halloween Child Costume will give a bunch of unforgettable emotions and positive impressions from any holiday where your child will be look like the Hulk.

Kids Hulk Costume

Kids Hulk Costume

What could be better than the time spent by the whole family on the holiday? After all, a holiday is fun, good mood, positive emotions and of course bright costumes. We offer you for the costumes of the very popular hero Hulk.  We have costumes for adults and kids, and various accessories: Hulk mask, Hulk wig, Hulk gloves and glasses. The look of the Hulk is famous and popular, so your appearance on the holiday in the Hulk costume will be bright and memorable not only for you, but for everyone else. Do not miss your chance to have fun and relax.    

Hulk Costume: Halloween Couple Costumes Ideas

  • Hulk Costume Adult & Boys Hulk Costume

    Hulk Costume Adult & Boys Hulk Costume

    Dad is the best role model for a loving son. And what if this couple go on a holiday in costumes? Avengers The Age of Ultron Adult Costume create an unusual look for dad and Deluxe Hulk Child Costume for his son, together they will be an excellent team of the closest people, even if they are unusually green.You will the stars of any holiday. So go ahead! Holiday is waiting for you!
  • Hulk Costume Child & Hulk Outfit

    Hulk Costume Child & Hulk Outfit

    Forget about traditional children's costumes, choose for your kid a costume of unusual hero. Your children will be incredibly bright and memorable at any holiday if you buy for them Hulk Avengers Child Costume and Avengers Hulk Muscle Child Costume.