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Edward Scissorhands Costumes

Edward Scissorhands Halloween Costumes, Accessories and Wigs

"Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it". Edward Scissorhands is a 1990 American movie directed by Tim Burton, starring Johnny Depp as an artificial man named Edward Scissorhands. The protagonist is a young man who loves the world and people around, instead of hands he has a pair of scissors.To create an Edward Scissorhands character, you can buy Edward Scissorhands costume and complete it with Edward Scissorhands wig and Edward Scissorhands gloves. Add professional make-up and you'll look great.

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Edwar Scissorhands Halloween Costume video review

We prepared for you Female Edward Scissorhands Costume video review! Miss Edward Scissorhands Adult Costume includes dress with attached sleeve and sleevelet, gloves, wig, choker and belt. Costume is available in 4 sizes: XS, S, M and L. In this look you can go to Halloween or any other costume party!

Edward Scissorhands Costume

"Edward Scissorhands" is a fantastic film, which premiered in 1990.

The film takes place in a suburban area. In order to sell something Mrs. Peg Boggs goes to the castle on a hill near the city where the scientist used to live, and meets Edward there. A lonely old scientist created a human - Edward and brought him up as a son. But the scientist died without completed it to the end, Edward does not have hands - instead of them he has a kind of scissors. Mrs. Biggs becomes sorry for Edward and she invites him to her home. Boggs: father of the family Bill, son Kevin and daughter Kim welcome Edward.

Thanks to the amazing abilities of hairdressing, Edward becomes a local celebrity. He cuts the neighbors bushes, dogs, did women haircuts, tried to be necessary to people. Kim tries to help Edward become a full-fledged resident of the town.

A friend of Kim - Gene because of jealousy twice substitutes Edward. First, Jim persuades Edward to rob his parents' house, but it all ended well. But in the second it ended tragically - saving younger brother Kim, Kevin, from the car behind the wheel of which sat Jim, who nearly knocked him down, Edward injures the boy.Afraid of lynching Edward runs into the castle on the mountain. Jim catches up and savagely beats Edward and hits Kim as she tries to separate them. Edward, seeing this, pierces Jim's breast with his blade. Kim, confesses in love to Edward and runs out to the townspeople and presents what happened as a mutual murder, and people believed that Edward and Jim killed each other.

Many years later, old Kim is already a grandmother, but she still remembers and loves Edward, whom she has never seen again. Edward, has not changed at all, lives a castle and shears bushes, and in winter makes ice sculptures. One day, Kim tells her granddaughter a fairy tale about Edward and why it's snowing. Snow - these are small ice floes that fly out from under Edward's blades when he makes ice sculptures.

Arrange a party in the style of Edward Scissorhands! We will help you turn into a romantic and frightening Edward. Remember that you will need accessories to the costume of this hero! We have everything you need to look like Edward's scissors! So let your desire to be different from everyone and a good mood will help you have fun!.

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  • People are afraid of me because I'm different.

    Scissorhands Costume

    Edward Scissorhands is a creature similar to a man who has a scissors-like hand. A sweet, touching and sentimental character, admired by everyone. But it's only necessary to do something differently everyone is ready to condemn and turn away at once. Maybe looking at Edward someone finds out himself? Then we have for you Deluxe Edward Scissorhands Adult Costume. Quickly dress up in this costume and be ready to have so many adventures!
  • You can't toch anything without destroying it.

    Female Edward Scissorhands Costume

    Who said that women can not become Edward Scissorhands? Everything is possible with We offer you Miss Edward Scissorhands Adult Costume. In this costume you will spend an unforgettable evening and give an occasion to others to talk about you! Next Halloween party you will find your Edward, for sure!

Edward Scissorhands Accessories

  • Аксессуары для костюма Эдвард руки-ножницы
  • Did you choose Edward look for the party? You need some accessories! The main accessory for the Edward costume is of course Edward Scissorhands Gloves , you just have to buy them. To complete your perfect Edward outfit, Wig For Edward Scissorhands Costume will help you. Dress up in the costume of everyone's favorite hero and you will be in the center of attention, for sure!