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Deadpool Costumes

Deadpool Halloween Costumes and Accessories

Do you want to become a hero of the new American movie "Deadpool"? Then choose our Deadpool costume or set of Deadpool weapons. Deadpool costume is a great Halloween costume idea!

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Deadpool Halloween Costume

Deadpool Halloween Costume

Deadpool - is an American comedy fantasy thriller, the eighth film of serie "X-Men". Wade Wilson - a former commando, working as a mercenary, meets an escort named Vanessa at a local bar, they have a romantic relationship and after a time they decide to get married. But Wade suddenly diagnosed a cancer of the last stage and the recruiter of the secret program, offers him an experimental cancer treatment. For Vanessa Wade agrees to experiment. The true goal of the program: to give people superhuman powers and sold them into slavery. The experiments caused a by-effect - his body and face disfigured, that's why Wade doesn't want to go back to Vanessa. Wilson finds a way to destroy the lab and escapes his confines, but he has to find Ajax. Wade becomes the masked vigilante and takes its name "Deadpool" . Deadpool hunts down and kills many Ajax people, after that he captures Ajax, but he was able to escape and steal Vanessa. Deadpool saves Vanessa, Ajax defeated and reveals that the appearance of Deadpool can not be fixed. Vanessa takes Wade as he is and they are together again. For Deadpool fans we offer men and women adult Deadpool costumes, Deadpool masks and Deadpool Weapon Kit. Feel like a human with superpower!

Choose your Deadpool costumes for adults.

  • Now, I'm about to do to you what Limp Bizkit did to music in the late 90s.
    Deadpool Adult Costume

    Deadpool Adult Costume

    Deadpool - is a very controversial character, who on the one hand, fierce enough by nature and does not look like the hero. He is hitting women and children, torturing people, and kills for money. But on the other hand, we should not forget that Wade saved the world so many times and made many selfless acts. Try on Deadpool Costume For Adults and change the opinion of this character!
  • You don't need to be a superhero to get the girl, the right girl will bring out the hero in you.
    Lady Deadpool Costume

    Lady Deadpool Costume

    If you are a woman, but inside of you there is raging hurricane of contradictions and Deadpool seems congenial to you, we can help you find a perfect Halloween outfit. Deadpool Woman Costume will perfectly suit to your extraodinary mood!

Superhero Costumes for Adults

Superhero Costumes for Adults

Going to the Halloween party? We prepared for you different combinations of superhero costumes for kids and adults. Choose who will be Deadpool, Hulk, Iron Man, Superman, Captain America and others. We are sure, you'd love our costumes!

Deadpool : Couple Costumes

  • Deadpool Women Costume & Deadpool Outfit

    Deadpool Women Costume & Deadpool Outfit

    Perfect combination for love couples. We can only imagine the explosive mixture of good and evil that these two will personify, when he wears Deadpool Adult Costume, and she wears Deadpool Woman Costume.
  • Deadpool Kids Costume & Superman Kids Costume

    Deadpool Kids Costume & Superman Kids Costume

    What a great combination for 2 boys! We offer for them Deadpool Costume For Adults (XS size of adult costume will perfectly suit for children) and Prestige Superman Child Costume. Two superheroes at once is a challenge to all others at the party.
  • Female Deadpool Costume & Batman Dog Costume

    Female Deadpool Costume & Batman Dog Costume

    If your four-legged family member would not mind to be in couple with you, we offer you Deadpool Woman Costume and Batgirl Pet Costume. Nothing is scary with such a partner!
  • Harley Quinn Adult Costume & Deadpool Movie Costume

    Harley Quinn Adult Costume & Deadpool Movie Costume

    Have not found a soulmate yet? Then Deadpool Adult Costume will help you to find your Vanessa. We advise you to catch your eye on the girl that wears Harley Quinn Adult Costume, maybe she is the one for whom you will be ready to give up your freedom.

Deadpool Accessories

  • Deadpool Accessories
  • Have you ever seen that Superman could not have a weapon?Of course not. Deadpool is not an exception, that's why Deadpool Weapon Kit is a must-have accessory to the Deadpool costume and will make your outfit brave and courage. Deadpool Mask will bring you a certain mystery and intrigue in relationships with others at the party. Do not miss your chance to be a mystery and dream for the female part of ane party.