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Angry Birds Costumes

Angry Birds Halloween Costumes For Kids and Adults, Masks

The popular computer game Angry Birds was created by Finnish company Rovio in 2009. The player with the help of a slingshot can shoot different birds at the pigs that are hiding in various designs. Angry Birds is the downloadable game for smartphones and tablets. In 2016, Angry Birds movie was released in United States. On this page we've put together all Angry Birds costumes and masks. You can buy red bird costumes for kids and adults, yellow bird costumes for adults and kids, black bird costumes for adults and kids, and of course and of course green pig costume. Also you can buy Angry Birds: yellow bird mask, red bird mask and green pig mask. In 2016 due to the release of a new movie, Angry Birds costumes will become even more popular. You can order Angry Birds costumes and masks for theme parties, birthdays and Halloween.

Watch the official trailer of the movie Angry Birds