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Wolverine Costumes

Wolverine Halloween Costumes, Accessories and Masks

X-Men is a popular series of science fiction films about people mutants with incredible abilities. All fans of Wolverine can order a costume for men and boys. For women, we offer female Wolverine costume. To complete your Wolverine costume you can order Wolverine mask, Wolverine's claws or wig. You will enjoy the atmosphere of the best science-fiction X-men.

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Wolverine Halloween Costume

X-men is a fantasy, an action movie about mutant people.

Professor Charles Xavier is a scientist, mutant-telepath has created the school "X-Mansion" for children with unusual abilities. These abilities are manifested in mutations that occur at the genetic level and only during puberty.Teachers at this school were experienced mutants. Genetic mutations are called "Gen-X".

At the same time, the US Senate, at the initiative of Sen. Robert Kelly, passes a law requiring the registration of all mutants and their abilities to identify especially dangerous ones.

In the province of Alberta in Canada, Marie a mutant girl (nicknamed "Rogue") accidentally meets with the same mutant Logan (nicknamed "Wolverine"). They are trying to capture a mutant Sabretooth with abilities like Logan, but the proceeds come from the mutants of Professor Xavier Scott Summers and Storm.After that, Logan and Rogue get to Charles Xavier's school, where they meet people like them. The most talented help Professor Xavier in search of new mutant children and confront Magneto (Jewish boy Eric Lenscherr from the Warsaw ghetto). Already old Eric Lenscher believes that people interfere with the freedom of new mutant people. Together with his team of like-minded people, Magnito tries to accelerate the war between people and mutants, because they believe that they can not coexist peacefully.

Magneto with the help of the Mystic and Toad kidnapped Senator Kelly, on which he tested a car that would turn people into mutants. Then, with the help of this machine, Magnito during the UN summit planned to turn major politicians into mutants to legalize a new human race and gain power over the world. But Magneto's plans are opposed by Charles Xavier and his students: Ororo Monroe, Scott Summers, Jean Gray, Logan. The X-Men stop Magnito and save humanity from the forcible spread of the mutation.

X-Men is the first film in the movie series about people mutants. Later there were films "X-Men 2" (2003); "The X-Men: The Last Battle" (2006); "X-Men: The Beginning." Wolverine "(2009); "X-Men: First Class" (2011); "Wolverine: Immortal" (2013); "X-Men: Days of the Past" (2014); "The X-Men: The Apocalypse" (2016); Logan (2017).

Choose your Wolverine costume!

  • The pain lets you know you're still alive.

    Wolverine suit

    James Howlett (Logan) is a man-mutant named Wolverine with superhuman abilities. He is capable of regeneration after severe wounds, hardy and agile. He is capable of regeneration after severe wounds, hardy and agile. In Wolverine Costume For Men you will certainly attract the attention of others at the party.
  • Eternity can be a cause!

    Wolverine Outfit

    Wolverine is a fearless and indomitable mutant, with a sharp temperament and great willpower, possessing super speed and agility. He is a polyglot, he knows many languages. Give reason to others to talk about you, because in Superhero Wolverine Adult Costume noone can recognize you.
  • Life is a gift. Immortality a curse.

    Adult Wolverine Costume

    Wolverine is certainly a very popular male character in the movie series about mutant people. But we are ready to offer a beautiful female half Woverine Lady Adult Costume , to try on Wolverine look. You'll see, in this costume you can easily surprise others.
  • I am soldier, and I've been hiding too long.

    Men's Wolverine Costume

    Wolverine is not only a mutant with superhuman abilities, he is also an expert in hand-to-hand combat. Having acquired a lot of skills, and having military training, Wolverine worked as a scout, was a mercenary and an agent of the CIA. He managed to take part in the First and Second World Wars, fought in Spain and Vietnam.Well, if you already want to be like that mutant, then Wolverine Adult Costume is what you need

Wolverine Movie Costume

Are you going to celebrate Halloween? We have offers to spend the party brightly and unforgettably in Wolverine costumes. In our store you can choose: Wolverine costume, Wolverine children's costume, Wolverine claws, Wolverine wig, Wolverine mask. In these costumes you will have so much fun!

Wolverine Costume : Couple Costumes Ideas

  • Adult Wolverine Costume & Wolverine Costume Kids

    Your beloved men want to become Wolverines for next Halloween party? It's an excellent choice! But if suddenly, dad can not go on a holiday with a child, this is no reason to be upset, let the mother go with her son. For moms we have a perfect Woverine Lady Adult Costume , and for son Wolverine Halloween Child Costume . Look what a beautiful Wolverine couple.
  • Wolverine Toddlers Costume & X-men Wolverine Costume

    What a great combination for son and dad! If you are still looking for couple costumes, we have these awesome Wolverine costumes. Your little baby will love our Wolverine Toddler Costume , and for teen we have Wolverine Teen Costume.These bright and comfortable costumes will help your children have fun.

X-men Accessories

  • If you have already chosen Wolverine costume, don't forget about accessories! To complete your look we offer you Wolverine Claws. Also you might need Wolverine Wig , and if you want to stay incognito, then we suggest Wolverine Mask. Look what a great Wolverine!