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Suicide Squad Costumes

Suicide Squad Costumes, Wigs and Accessories

Wow! A great event of the year! Suicide Squad movie! If you have a desire to impress everyone with your costume on this year Halloween party, buy one of the Suicide Squad character costumes! Here you can choose Harley Quinn, Deadshot or Joker costumes. Also we suggest character wigs and accessories to complete the look!

Harley Quinn costume video review

Margot Robbie Harley Quinn video review! Dress like the most popular character from the movie Suicide Squad. The costume includes a jacket with attached top, shorts, belt,and fishnet tights. Margot Robbie Harley Quinn costume for adults is in 3 sizes : S, M and L.

Suicide Squad Costumes

A suicide squad is a story about a team of criminals with inhuman abilities who have been united to save the world. In Dr. June Moone, after the discovery of the statuette of the accursed idol, the spirit of the witch goddess - "The Enchantress" - settled and she decides to destroy humanity.

Harley Quinn - a crazy gymnast - a psychiatrist; Deadshot is a hired killer; El Diablo is a gangster pyrokinetic; Captain Boomerang is a thief; The killer Crock is a monster-cannibal; Slipknot is a specialized mercenary. Then to the team joins the Joker and Katana, who skillfully owns a mystic sword. So that no one from the team could escape, every member of the team was implanted nano-bomb in the neck , which can explode.

With incredible efforts the squad defeat the Enchantress, killing her and thereby freeing June from her influence. After that, the members of the Squad return to the prison of Belle Rive. For their services they are shortened by ten years and granted some privileges in prison, except for Captain Boomerang. Soon after, the Joker, trying to save Harley, breaks into prison with her people, and tells her that "it's time to go home".

Arrange a Suicide Squad styled party! Choose Suicide Squad costumes of the main characters for yourself and your friends. We will help you to transfer into Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadhot and many others! Don't forget about wigs and accessories! We have everything you need to make your superhero look complete! You will have so much fun in our costumes!

Looking for Suicide Squad Costumes?

  • I can't wait to show you my toys.

    Joker Costume

    Joker or "Pudding" is a crazy, bright and controversial super-villain, without which the DC Comics universe is hard to imagine. We offer you Joker Adult Costume From Suicide Squad. Everyone will admire you in such costume! Don't forget about Harley!
  • We're bad guys. It's what we do.

    Margot Robbie Harley Quinn Costume

    Harley Quinn - a crazy bloodthirsty villain, in love with the Joker. Well, is it possible to believe in this looking at this cutie? Harley Quinn look is very popular among the heroes of the Suicide Squad. If suddenly you want popularity or attention, choose Harley Quinn Adult Costume From Suicide Squad and we assure you that you will not leave the party alone.
  • People always change after being hurt.

    Harley Quinn Costume

    Harley Quinn is one of the main Suicide Squad characters. Sweetheart, sometimes insane, unpredictable and always attractive. Try to change something in you! Although, if you are not ready for drastic changes, we propose to change not for long, well, at least for the evening. We have for you Harley Quinn Adult Kit From Suicide Squad . Your life will change for sure.
  • Love is just a bullet in the brain.

    Deadshot Halloween Costume

    Floyd Lawton - Deadshot - one of the members of the death squad in the movie The suicide squad. The hired killer, boasting that he never missed. Buy Deadshot Adult Costume From Suicide Squad and you will have so much fun at the party!

Harley Quinn Halloween Costume!

Haven't choose Halloween costume? We have something to offer. How about Suicide Squad heroes: Joker, Harley Quinn and Deadshot. This movie is till very popular and you have a great opportunity to be in the center of attention in these costumes . We are sure, you won't stay unnoticed!

Suicide Squad : Couple Costumes Ideas

Suicide Squad Accessories

  • Well, you still want to look like supervillains? We have special accessories to make your costumes complete! For gorgeous Harley Quinn outfit you need Harley Quinn Bat From Suicide Squad and Harley Wig. For the real hired killer we have Deadshot Mask with LEDs. For those who wants look like Joker, we offer Joker Wig. With these costumes and accessories we are sure you will have so much fun!