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You are going to a party, you are fond of being in the center of attention? If so, then you should choose your clown costume. We have an incredibly huge selection of clown costumes, male and female, children's and adults.

Also, we propose a lot of accessories which will help you to make your clown outfit complete. Wigs, hats, masks, noses, shoes and make up - it's your choice! We promise that our range will surprise you, you will definitely like something. So stock up a good mood and go ahead have fun!

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Clown Halloween Costumes

Every person who hears the word "clown" immediately has associations with circus, fun, holiday and jokes. This cheerful, bright and funny character, which we are accustomed to see in a red-orange-blue-green sweater decorated with a large collar and cuffs, in wide multicolored pants or a multi-colored overall with multicolored pompoms instead of buttons. He has oversized shoes, multicolored wig, and a hat. Of course, the main element is a big nose in the form of red ball and painted face. Although of course, clowns can be not only funny but also sad, evil and even creepy.

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