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Minion Costumes

Minion Costumes For Kids and Adults, Accessories

These funny creatures in yellow jumpsuits conquered the hearts of the whole world. Their popularity is huge and growing every day. Join the whole family to this wonderful company!We have a minion costumes for all - boys and girls, moms and dads. For a fun party choose costumes from the movie "Despicable Me": Dave costume, Bob costume, Stuart costume, Minion costumes for kids, female Minion costumes. And of course you cannot have a complete Minion look without Minion glasses. These costumes are great for Halloween, costume parties and other events.

Watch the official traile of the movie Minions.

Video Review for Minios Costumes

Video Review for Minios Costumes. On this video you can see how Minion costumes for kids and adults look alive! Choose the costumes of your favorite characters and have an unforgettable party!

Minion Halloween Costume

The minions are little helpers of all the villains they served, until they accidentally killed all their masters. But over time minions begin to get bored and sad, because if they do not serve anyone, they lose the meaning of life. Mignon Kevin decides to find his brothers a new villain, Stuart and Bob join to him. Minions get to New York and find out that a conference of villains will soon be held in Orlando, and they go there. Arriving, they find out that super-villain Scarlet Overkill is looking for an assistant. Soon Minions become her assistants. The villain says that she wants to get the crown of Elizabeth II, so they go to London for the crown. It turns out that Bob suddenly becomes a king and now the minions enjoy the royal life. Scarlet finds and tries to kill the minions and takes the crown, but the coronation of Scarlet did not take place. From all the Minions Kevin is the one who stays free, he gets into the house of Overkills to find the weapon and to save friends, but persued by villains, оружие и спасти друзей, но, преследуемый толпой злодеев, he hides in the laboratory of Gerb, where he turns into a giant minion. The villains scatter, and Scarlet tries to blow up all the minions by sending a lava rocket into them, Kevin catches a rocket with one hand, and Scarlet grabs another with his hand and they explode together. Minions are sad about the loss of Kevin, but he descends from the sky, holding onto the straps of a huge denim overalls. The minions return the crown to Elizabeth, but Scarlet appears with her husband, and tries again to steal the crown. Ledoluc stops freezing the running Overquilles, but then a young Grue appears, who takes the crown from Scarlet and flies away. Joyful minions understand that they have found a new master, and they run after Grew.

Arrange a party with the style of Minions! Choose costumes for you and your friends! The choice is huge! We will help you to transform into Kevin, Stuart, Bob or any other character Кевина! Don't forget about accessories! Be ready for the adventures in these bright costumes!

Despicable me costumes!

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    Minion Bob Costume

    Bob- is an intelligent, kind, caring and diligent minion. He likes playing video games and eating ice cream, he knows how to make cakes. He likes vicious plans so much, that he can not stand and do nothing. Dress up in Despicable Me Minion Adult Costume go to the world where you can do dirty tricks!
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    Minion Kevin Costume

    Kevin is one of the minions who lived in the Arctic. It was his idea to look for the new boss. Kevin worked for Scarlet Overkill and participated in the abduction of the crown. Hiding from supervillains, Kevin got into the car Gerb and became a giant. Kevin was able to defeat Scarlett and became a hero for all minions, then began working for Grew. We offer you a great Despicable Me Minion Kevin Adult Costume.
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    Minion Dave Costume

    Dave - two-eyed, thin minion, kind, caring and cheerful. He is very friendly to Stuart. He is one of the most famous minions, appears in both parts of the Despicable Me movie. Dress up in Minion Dave Adult Costume and you will be one of the most brightest characters at the party!
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    Inflatable Minion Costume

    Stuart is one of the minions, with one eye, small height and loves bananas.Stuart was one of the minions who lived in the Arctic. Then he went with Bob and Kevin in search of a new owner. In Inflatable Minion Stuart Costume For Adults you will be the star of any party.

Despicable Me Halloween Costume

Are you going to celebrate Halloween with the whole family? We have a lot of costumes for you and your kids. Just decide who will become Kevin, Bob, Stuart or Dave. We are sure that everyine will admire your costumes! You will have so much fun!

Minion Costumes : Couple costumes ideas

  • Kids Minion Costume & Minion Costume Toddlers

    Your child will be so happy to look like their favorite heroes in Bob Minion Child Costume and Minion Kevin Toddler Costume. You will get a lot of fun watching this couple!
  • Minion Dog Costume & Minion Costumes For Kids

    Not only children dream to become minions, but dogs too! We offer you to dress up your daughter in Lady Minion Child Costume and your favorite pet in Minion Pet Costume . Just imagine the enthusiasm of others from such an unusual couple of minions.

Despicable Me Accessories

  • So you chose Minion costume! Don't forget about accessories. The main speciality of minions is Sunstache Minion Glasses and Minion Goggles . Also add Minion Gloves to your look. Become a real cartoon character, go in search of adventures and hosts - villains!