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Minecraft costume and Minecraft mask

Minecraft is the most popular kids video game. So you could choose and buy a Minecraft costume for your child, we prepared a page where all the costumes and masks of Minecraft are collected.

In our online store you will find not only Minecraft costumes for kids, but even adult Minecraft costume. Imagine how delighted your child will be when he sees his mother in the costume of his beloved hero! 


Minecraft Costume

Minecraft Costume


Minecraft is a computer video game in the genre of sandbox with elements of a survival simulator and the open world. Minecraft is a wonderful world, in which an ordinary hero named Steve spends his life. During the game on his way there are many obstacles that prevent him from fulfilling his desires. He, like any brave hero, must fight with different zombies and try to survive in a zombie apocalypse. The style of the game "Minecraft" is a square texture of 16x16. In these games there are different modes: survival, creativity, adventure, creativity or hardcore. Each player can choose the appropriate game mode. 

If your child is a big fan of the Minecraft video game, the best surprise for him is to organize a birthday party with the theme of Minecraft, and on this page you will be able to decide what exactly Minecraft costume you need.

Minecraft Costumes for kids

  • I thought my wood house need a fireplace.
    Minecraft Steve Costume

    Minecraft Steve Costume

    Steve is the main character of the computer game Minecraft. Despite all the difficulties, he collects food, extracts resources, builds his own house, farm and so on. To do this, he has to look for valuable materials in mines and dungeons. If your child is a fan of this video game, give him our Minecraft Steve Costume !
  • They see me creepin', they freakin'.
    Minecraft Creeper Costume

    Minecraft Creeper Costume

    Creeper is a green, almost noiseless mob-kamikaze. When you approach the player a little distance starts to hiss and explodes after 1.5 seconds. Buy our Minecraft Creeper Child Costume and your little Minecraft fan will be delighted!

Minecraft Halloween Costume

Minecraft Halloween Costume

Are your children going to Halloween, a birthday party or a Minecraft-themed party? In our online store you will find the costumes of any character from this famous video game for boys and girls, for any growth. In addition to the costumes, you can pick up the masks of the heroes of Minecraft, the toy sword and ax. Organize your child a real Minecraft holiday! 

Minecraft Costume Ideas

  • Creeper Halloween Costume & Minecraft Alexa Costume

    Creeper Halloween Costume & Minecraft Alex Costume

    A great combination for a brother and sister, two fans of Minecraft. You just imagine how they will have fun in Minecraft Creeper Costume, and Minecraft Alex Child Costume.
  • Adult Minecraft Costume & Minecraft Costume for girls

    Adult Minecraft Costume & Minecraft Costume for girls

    Your child will be happy to see his mom in the costume of the character of his favorite video game! The Minecraft women's costume is new in our store, so hurry up to please you and your little fan of Minecraft.

Minecraft Toys

  • Minecraft Toys
  • If you decided to make Minecraft costume yourself, then in order to complete the look of the chosen character from the game Minecraft, you will definitely need accessories. In our online store you will find a wide range of Minecraft masks, for example: Minecraft Steve MaskMinecraft Creeper Mask and Minecraft Alex Mask . And of course do not forget about Minecraft toys : Minecraft Sword and Minecraft Axe will help to make your child's dreams come true.