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Frozen Costumes

Frozen Costumes For Kids and Adults, Accessories and Wigs

One of the most popular Disney animated movie based on the Hans Christian Anderson's "The Snow Queen". On this page we've put together all the costumes from the movie Frozen. You can order Elsa costume, Anna costume or Olaf costume. Frozen costumes are available for kids and adults. Complete your costumes with wigs.

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Frozen Halloween Costumes

Frozen Halloween Costumes

In the kingdom of Arendell, the king and the queen have two daughters-the young princesses Elsa and Anna. Elsa since birth has magical abilities to create ice and snow, as well as managing them. Once Elsa, while playing with Anna, gets magic into her sister's head, and she begins to freeze. With the help of the troll, Pabbi Anna was able to heal, and Elsa needed to learn how to control her abilities. To prevent hurt to the royal family, it is locked in the castle, but communication between the sisters is not improving. 10 years later, the parents of the girls go on a journey where they die. It takes another 3 years and Elsa is about to ascend to the throne. The guests came to the coronation, everything went well. Among the guests, Anna meets Hans - the prince of the South Islands, who offers Anna to marry him. Elsa objects to this and the sisters quarrel again. In the wrath, Elsa shows her strength to all those who were present, and as a result, the whole kingdom of Arendell plunged into eternal winter. Elsa herself, not knowing what she did runs into the mountains and there stays to live.

Despite everything, Anna wants to find Elsa and goes to her search. On the way, Anna meets the ice-maker and seller of ice Kristoff and his deer Sven and snowman Olaf. Together they reach the castle of Elsa. Anna tries to persuade Elsa to return to the kingdom, but she is against it. Elsa learns that she froze all the kingdoms, is angry and in anger a small splinter hurts Anna in the heart. Kristoff takes Anna to the trolls to save her, but this time they have failed. Anna can only be saved with the sign of true love, otherwise she will become an icy statue. At this time, Hans also went to the castle of Elsa, along with other volunteers. They manage to capture Elsa and bring them to the palace to stop the winter. But Elsa can not do this. Anna, in the hope that Hans loves her, asks her to kiss, but Hans not only did not do this, he also said that he wanted to marry Anna for the sake of the royal throne. Hans locks Anna in a dark, cold room, and tells everyone that she died and Elsa killed Anna.

Elsa is sentenced to death, but she manages to escape. Anna also escapes from the castle with the help of Olaf. Anna goes to Kristoff. On the fjord Elsa meets Hans, who says that Elsa can not escape and Anna died. Above Elsa a sword is brought, but suddenly Anna appears, closes her sister and turns into an icy statue. Elsa with her tears and strong love, without knowing it herself, helps Anna to thaw.

Elsa realizes that she can control herself with the help of love and does so that the kingdom of Arendell comes summer. What would the snowman Olaf not melt, for him Elsa makes a snow cloud, and Hans was expelled to the South Islands.

True, an incredibly beautiful fairy tale. You can also become heroes of this tale. We suggest you transform into one of the heroes of the Frozen: Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff or any other hero you like. Choose for your taste the costume of Elsa, Anna costume, Olaf costume, they are in our store in children's and adult sizes. Why not create yourself and others a real fairy tale?

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  • I belong here...alone, where I can be who I am and not hurt anybody.
    Elsa Halloween Costume

    Elsa Halloween Costume

    Elsa - one of the heroines of the popular cartoon Frozen, Anna's older sister. Since childhood Elsa has the power of ice and snow, but she tries to suppress her magical abilities. Once, she still puts Anna in danger, after which she shuns everyone, even people who were close to her. After the coronation, Elsa, unable to cope with magical abilities, immersed the kingdom of Arendell in the eternal winter. Not knowing this and fearing to harm her sister and citizens, Elsa escapes from the castle and hides in the mountains thinking that no one will help her. If this queen with unusual abilities is the favorite heroine of your baby, then give her real pleasure by presenting Frozen Elsa Child Costume
  • I'm out right here for you. Please let me in. We only have each other.
    Anna Frozen Dress

    Anna Frozen Dress

    Anna is one of the heroines of the cartoon Frozen, Elza's younger sister. An energetic, inquisitive and cheerful girl who, for the sake of saving the kingdom of Arendell, where the eternal winter came, and her family decided to go on a dangerous journey. To buy Anna Frozen Coronation Child Costume as a present, the best act of parents for a loving child.

Frozen Outfits For Girls

Frozen Outfits for girls

Who did not see the cartoon Frozen? Seeing him, any boy or girl necessarily represented themselves in the place of one of the heroes of this fascinating cartoon. Someone liked Elsa, someone Anna, and someone would like to be like a snowman Olaf or someone else. We are ready to offer you costumes of the main characters from the Frozen movie. Men's and women's costumes, kids costumes, accessories: wigs, shoes, gloves, tiaras will satisfy your imagination when creating the image of a favorite hero. Choose everything that you like, and we will help create a holiday for you.

Frozen : Halloween Couple Costumes Ideas

Accessories for Elsa Costume

  • Accessories for Elsa Costume
  • How attractive is the heroine of the cartoon "Frozen" - Elsa. To become very similar to this royal person, besides a beautiful dress you will also need accessories. For the look of this perfect blonde Elsa you need Frozen Elsa Wig for Adults, for legs Frozen Elsa Shoes Child and of course the real princess can not exist without Frozen Elsa Wand. Thanks to all these accessories your Elsa will look like the most popular and beloved heroine from Frozen.