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Clown Costumes

Clown Halloween Costumes, Accessories, Makeup, Hats and Hair Accessories, Wigs, Decorations and Props

Welcome to Skeleton Costumes online costume store! Check out the most colorful clown costume at All you need to become a real clown you will find right here! Be ready to make everyone laugh in our clown costumes! In this department we've put together all clown costumes for kids and adults, clown accessories, clown wigs, clown makeup, clown shoes and much more. For Halloween, we carry a big collection of scary clown costumes. All ages and sizes are available! Great for costume parties, Halloween and other events!

Scary Clown Halloween Costume Video Review

We prepared for you Video Review of one of the most popular scary clown costumes! Scary Clown Halloween Adult Costume includes shirt, pants, neck ruffle, hat, mask. Clown Costume is available in 3 sizes: M, L, XL. This is a perfect Halloween look!

Halloween Clown Costumes

Every person who hears the word "clown" immediately has associations with circus, fun, holiday and jokes. This cheerful, bright and funny character, which we are accustomed to see in a red-orange-blue-green sweater decorated with a large collar and cuffs, in wide multicolored pants or a multi-colored overall with multicolored pompoms instead of buttons. He has oversized shoes, multicolored wig and a hat. Of course the main element is a big nose in the form of red ball and painted face. Although of course, clowns can be not only funny, but also sad, evil and even creepy.

You are going to a party, you are fond of being in the center of attention ? If so, then you should choose your clown costume. We have an incredibly huge selection of clown costumes, male and female, children's and adults. Also we propose a lot of accessories which will help you to make your clown outfit complete. Wigs, hats, masks, noses, shoes and make up- it's your choice! We promise that our range will surprise you, you will definitely like something.So stock up a good mood and go ahead have fun!

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Clown Costumes for family

Would you like to celebrate Halloween with your family? On this holiday, it is not necessary for everyone to be gloomy and terrible witches and skeletons, make this holiday colors in clown suits. We offer you variants of combinations of children's and adult clowns costumes for men and women. Experiment and choose what clowns you like good or evil, sad or funny. Just imagine, your family on Halloween will be like a ray of light in a dark realm. In such suits you will spend an unforgettable evening!

Clown Costume Ideas : Couple Costumes

  • Clown Clothes & Killer Clown Costume

    Wonderful clown costumes are perfect for dad and son! What a sweet and kind dad in Pennywise Clown Adult Costume and scary and creepy son in Frightful Clown Child Costume. Sometimes you can try to be different! What a great couple!
  • Kids Clown Costume & Creepy Clown Costume

    Halloween is time for experiments. For little lady we offer Cute Clown Child Costume, and for her dad Dead Clown Adult Costume , it sounds creepy, but it's just an image! You can be such a terribly beautiful couple. Well, will you try?

Clown Accessories

  • When you realize that the hero you would like to transform into is a clown and choose a clown suit, the half of the deal is already done. You have to pick up accessories that the clown has too much and without which you will not look like a clown. With the help of makeup it is quite easy to create a good clown, but with the evil everything is much more complicated. Therefore, in order not to complicate your life, we offer you several variants of masks that may suit you: Crazy Eye Clown Digital For Halloween , Creepy Giggles Latex Mask For Halloween or Big Top Mask For Halloween . Of course you will need Nose Woochie Clown Large. Do not forget about Clown Shoes. By the way, there is an opportunity to save on the clown's hat, if you choose yourself Clown Mega Wig For Adults. We are sure that the image of the clown will please not only you, but the guests of the party.